One trip for each community

About us

We are a Tour Operator dedicated to communities of people who share the same interests or lifestyle.
We specially create experiences to engage participants before, during and after their trip also by using their preferred social networks, in a synergy specifically designed to create new friendships among the participants with the help of a selected staff trained to be the best travel buddy for the community.

We also organize formats for third-parties that need our program development, staff training and strategies of engagement skills.
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    The students breaks by ScuolaZoo are not just holidays but real must-live experiences, an essential milestone in every student’s life.
    Since 2009 we have organized 147 weeks of students breaks and more than 67,000 guys traveled with us in Europe.
    The format of Students Breaks are designed for Millennials and the Z Generation, and they are even more tailored according to the age cluster each participant belongs to:  Student Village  (16-18 y.o.); Viaggio di Maturità  (18 - 19 y.o.); University Break (19 – 26 y.o.).
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    WeRoad is a community of travellers on the road united by their will to discover faraway countries and cultures and their desire to share this experience with their peers in sync with the preselected trip.
    Choose your mood and travel with WeRoad: you will travel with a small group accompanied by our coordinator that has fallen in love with the destination before you and he is now ready to help you explore and live the full experience.



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Travel4Target is associated to: WYSE Travel Confederation (World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation), the international organization promoting tourism for students and young people; Start up Turismo, the Italian association which aim is helping networking and the development of synergies within young tourist companies with strong digital component; ASTOI Confindustria Viaggi, the association that represents the 80% of Italian tour operators.


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Through the years, many brands have supported Travel4Target and its event trips. The event trip is the perfect way to introduce our partners’ services and products to a specific community thanks to a daily- living product placement and an unconventional setting. Many brands already joined our trip events: Bacardi, Nestle, Grey Goose, Babyliss, Disney, Ceres and many others.


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From the very beginning we have supported social responsible initiatives: we have collected funds for the pediatric oncology department of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Padua, and we have supported "Live Your Life" and "Time To Love", initiatives that teach how to drink responsibly to the young adults, a commitment that Travel4Target is strengthen over and over through the years.

With you, anytime

We offer a very smart pre-departure assistance, using the preferred communication channel of any community we travel with, such as social networks or Whatsapp; we guarantee a qualified and trained staff on the destination, ensuring their availability 24/7.
We organize meetings with parents of under 18 years old participants before the departure date and we ensure our staff a first aid course.
The safety of our participants is our FIRST priority: our staff constantly attends training ans courses and we are endlessly updated in order to face in the best way as possible any kind of issue. We also have third parties consultants and experts which train us in managing any kind of issues.
Our staff is exclusively composed by people who share the same interests and the same sense of entertainment of participants they are going on the event trip with, in order to become their best travel buddies!


Head of Staff
he ensures that the levels of quality of the activities, and the safetey of the services provided are in line with Travel4Target standards, by visiting every event trip.
Head of Entertainment
he is the responsible for all the staff members and all the entertanment activities in each destination.
Head of Destination
he is responsible for the relationships with local authorities, stakeholders (owners and managers of hotels, discotheques, restaurants) and suppliers.
They are the the best travel buddies of all the participants. They create contacts among people with similar peculiarities in order to create the occasion of contacts. There is no stretch: anyone does only the thing it likes to do.
Artistic Cast
Each trip event has a dedicate entertainment program with talented artistic cast: go go dancers, dancers, vocalist, singers, breakdancers, DJs, drag queen, and so on: any trip hosts talents wich identify the tastes of its own community.
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